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I am passionate and optimistic about the ability of law as a tool for societal reform, and the five-year experience of law school has played a major role in it. I strongly believe in the effectiveness of the approach to capacity for social and economic development using the law and the principles of the judiciary as a transmitter for social transformation.     

In the very first year of the Law School itself, speaking of the role of the law school experience, I had the opportunity to intern with a non-governmental organization and to undertake a month-long field study in an educational sector institution where I witnessed in detail the harshest grass root realities of different social processes and the social development process.

An interactive session about legal awareness with students of Shivalik Public School Dehradun. 

That particular experience was a sight-opener for me and since then I've been working on and studying various social development issues, legal system issues, and societal change legal assistance, and so on.

A legal-awareness campaign to the small schools of Sagar. 

I am impressed by the enormous potential of law as a mechanism for right-based social development and have a keen interest in exploring the fascinating triad of law, education and social economy. I love philosophical discussions, photography, good coffee, and profound conversations as well.


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